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Q: What makes Sandy Wipes more effective than dish rags or paper towels and water?

All of our surface wipes are packed with powerful disinfectants and cleansers. Dish rags, paper towels and sponges just spread bacteria from one surface to another - Instead of killing germs, you're pushing them around and letting them multiply! Additionally, Sandy Wipes will make your surfaces sparkle and shine in a way that water alone can't.

Q: Are Sandy Wipes better than other disinfectant wipes? If so, how?

The reason Sandy Wipes are better than other disinfectant wipes is our formulation. By combining traditional disinfecting ingredients with a host of plant-based cleansers, and applying a Goldilocks "just right" principle to the proportions, we've made a disinfectant wipe that's optimized for all surfaces.

Q: What ingredients are used in Sandy Wipes?

Each of our wipes contain a different formulation of cleaning ingredients, and the full ingredient list (including a brief note about what each ingredient is and what purpose it serves) can be found on the product page. Navigate to the product you're curious about, and towards the bottom, click the 'Ingredients' tab to pull up all ingredient information for that product.

Q: Are Eco-Friendly Sandy Wipes less effective than the other Sandy Wipes?

There's a common misconception that environmentally-friendly 'green' products must be far less effective than the standard. This is simply untrue - our Eco-Friendly wipes do an amazing job at cleaning surfaces, with only a very, very slight dip in antibacterial properties.

The main 'drawback' to using Eco-Friendly wipes is that they're marginally more expensive, because the ingredients aren't as readily available. We're convinced that eco-friendly products are the future, and we've cut costs down as much as we can - our margins are lower on Eco Friendly wipes than on our other products.

Q: Are Sandy Wipes clear-drying? Do they leave a residue?

Extra Strength Sandy Wipes and Eco Friendly Sandy Wipes both dry almost instantly, leaving a streak-free shine on glass and metal with no residue. Sensitive Skin Sandy Wipes do not contain alcohol, and contain added moisturizers for your skin, and for this reason they are not recommended on reflective surfaces. That said, the residue is minimal and won't be sticky to the touch, and does not need to be rinsed or wiped off.

Q: Can Sandy Wipes be flushed down the toilet?

Sandy Wipes' surface wipes are not designed to be flushed down the toilet, and should be thrown away (or composted, in regards to our Eco Friendly wipes). Our Soft Baby diaper wipes use a special formulation that breaks apart into smaller pieces when flushed, and thus are safe for well-maintained septic systems. Be sure to flush wipes one-at-a-time to avoid clogging.

Q: Can Sandy's Soft Baby Wipes cause or worsen 'diaper rash'?

Not at all! Many diaper wipes are made with alcohol, which can dehydrate skin and cause or worsen diaper rash. Our wipes, however, are alcohol-free, and additionally they contain soothing ingredients like Shea Butter and Aloe.

Shea butter is a rich, cocoa-like butter that softens and smooths skin. Aloe has been used topically for hundreds of years to heal wounds, burns and rashes, and is well-documented in the scientific community as being a 'wonder herb' for skin problems.

Q: Is Sandy Wipes' packaging recyclable?

Yes! As always, you should check with your local recycling facility for details on which plastics it accepts, but most municipalities will accept our packaging as recycling.

For all 3 of our surface wipes, we use Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE #4 plastic) for our soft outer packaging, and Polypropylene (PP #5 plastic) for the hard dispenser. Our Soft Baby diaper wipes are made exclusively out of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE #2 plastic).


Q: Are Sandy Wipes safe for use around children, pregnant women and pets?

Yes - When used as directed, Sandy Wipes are perfectly safe to use around children, pregnant women and pets. As with other cleaning products, they should be stored out of reach of children and pets.

Q: Do Sandy Wipes contain bleach?

No, none of Sandy Wipes contain bleach.

We take care to make sure that all of our wipes' ingredients can remain on the skin without needing to be 'washed off'.

Q: Can I use Sandy Wipes as a personal hand wipe?

Unfortunately not. Sandy Wipes, with the exception of Soft Baby Wipes, are designed exclusively for surfaces and should not be used as a personal hand wipe. Soft Baby wipes should also not be used as a personal hand wipe, as they're designed to be diaper wipes exclusively.

Q: Do Sandy Wipes kill cold and flu bugs?

Absolutely! All of Sandy's surface wipes kill the most common viruses that cause colds and flus, such as Influenza A and Rhinovirus. In addition, our surface wipes kill common bacteria such as Salmonella Enterica, Escherichia Coli (E. Coli), staphylococcus Aureus (Staph), and more. See each product's page for more information.

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Q: Where are Sandy Wipes' coupons valid?

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Q: Where can I buy Sandy Wipes?

Sandy Wipes are being sold in hundreds of retail stores across the United States of America and Canada, with more added every day - check the cleaning supplies section of your local big box retailer or supermarket!

As of June 1st 2013, our wipes are being sold in select branches of Asda, Sainsbury's and other chains across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Don't see us there? Ask the manager to stock Sandy Wipes products!

Q: Are you hiring?

Please check our hiring page for information on any positions we're looking to fill. You may also apply directly through that page. Note that we are not looking for staff that isn't already living in or willing to relocate to Chicago, Illinois.

Q: Where can I find a Material Safety Data Sheet for your products?

If you would like to receive an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for any of our products, please either contact us through customer support or call us at (630) 599-7817 and leave us a message with your fax number or email address, as well as which product(s) you would like the sheet for.

Q: My question isn't listed here, where can I get an answer?

Any questions or comments can be sent to us directly!
Visit customer support to contact us.


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