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My Favorite Timesavers with Sandy Wipes

By Linda Jones, 4 February 2013

    The reason I love using Sandy Wipes so much is because they're so versatile. Most cleaning products have a very narrow range of situations they thrive in, because either the ingredients or the texture isn't suitable for most surfaces. Sandy's products have done a great job with every surface I've tried them on, and they've saved me a ton of time cutting out steps from my regime.

    I thought I'd share some of my favorite tricks to get the job done quickly and easily, using Sandy's line of disinfecting surface wipes.

Don't bother with the sponge

Sponges absolutely have their place in cleaning, but for most jobs, Sandy Wipes will do the job faster and with far less effort. This is because sponges rely on you to do all the work - scrubbing back and forth, over and over. Sandy Wipes rely on their powerful cleaning ingredients, for minimal rubbing to get the mess off. Let's not forget that Sandy Wipes also disinfect in addition to cleaning, whereas sponges can actually spread germs around - Bacteria breed quickly in a damp, porous sponge, spreading to wherever you use the sponge.

Say sayonara to stainless steel streaks

If you've got stainless steel appliances, you know how hard it is to get them to look spotless. Expensive steel cleaners are full of toxins, cost a lot of money and don't disinfect. Extra Strength Sandy Wipes are amazing on stainless steel. Go with the grain, and there's absolutely no streaking to speak of, it's flawless. You've gotta see it to believe it.

Disinfect baby gates quickly and effectively

Baby gates are necessary if you have infant or toddler children and want to protect them from stairs and other dangers, but the gates themselves can quickly become full of germs, and their design often makes them difficult to disinfect regularly. Because Sandy Wipes are so effective with just 1 pass, designs with lots of bars can be disinfected thoroughly and regularly without hassle!

Wipe down that kitty litter

This is a great one for cat owners. After a while, the plastic surface of cat litters can get pretty dingy, and caked-on litter stains can be impossible to get out. Before Sandy Wipes, I would have recommended letting it soak for a few hours in a tub with dish soap, and then wiping it down with paper towels and disinfectant spray until clean. With Sandy Wipes, it's much faster and easier. A single wipe is all you need between litter changes, and it breaks up the stains faster than I would have thought possible.

The first pass is often good enough

For large-real-estate jobs like floor-to-ceiling windows, Sandy Wipes are a blessing. Say goodbye to the days of going over a huge surface three or four times to get rid of the grime - Sandy Wipes can often get the job done in one quick pass, and it's quick-drying, residue-free formula means there's no coming back later to touch-up the spots that don't look so great.

Cut to size and shape

For really tight spaces, I like to cut a Sandy wipe in half and wrap it around unsharpened pencil. This "cleaning wand" is great for getting into tight spaces like radiator grilles to clean and disinfect. You can also cut your wipes in half for smaller jobs that don't require a full wipe, to get more longevity out of your pack of Sandy Wipes!

Use them for just about everything in the bathroom

Sandy Wipes are terrific in the bathroom, because they clean almost every single surface in the bathroom! No more lugging a basket full of cleaning products in. Last month I told you guys about my Brisk Bathroom Boogie game, and with the exception of a grout cleaner and a toilet bowl cleaner, Sandy Wipes handled every single cleaning duty required of them. They're a great tool for getting out of the bathroom in record time.

Strap them to floor sweepers for sparkling-clean floors

Mopping is a huge timesink, and can often just push messes around without actually cleaning them up. Sweepers have caught on in recent years because they're much more convenient, but typically they're dry and don't do a good job cleaning or disinfecting. Slap a Sandy wipe onto the bottom of your sweeper and watch as your hardwood, laminate, ceramic or other hard floor gets cleaned end-to-end! For large or multiple rooms, layer 2-3 wipes for best results - the cleaning solution gets pushed to the front evenly and consistently, never running dry or making a big wet mess.

That's all I've got for you now! Have you put your Sandy Wipes to any creative purposes? I'd love to hear from you!

Questions and comments can be sent to me at: linda@sandywipes.com.


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