The Brisk Bathroom Boogie

  1. Gather all linens, fabrics, bathmats and towels. Put all towels and fabrics, including your fabric shower curtain if applicable, into a laundry hamper, and begin the washing machine. Most bathroom rugs, even those with rubber bottoms, are machine-washable - just hang them to dry to avoid cracking the rubber. Check the tags to be sure.
  2. Throw out all garbage and declutter. Place all trash, such as used cotton swabs and empty shampoo bottles, into the trashcan or a garbage bag. Place the trashcan just outside of the bathroom. Place any out-of-place items into their spot, such as hair dryers under the counter, without reorganizing anything.
  3. Clean the toilet. We'll start cleaning with the toilet, because it's the most work-intensive and we want to do it while we have energy. Apply liquid toilet cleaner under the rim, and allow to drip down and soak the inside of the toilet bowl. While it soaks, grab a disinfectant wipe and wipe down the seat lid, the seat, and the outside of the bowl, in that order. Grab the toilet brush, and scrub the inside of the toilet. Flush.
  4. Clean the counter and sink. Grab a disinfectant wipe, and wipe down the counter by the sink, moving towards the sink. Wipe down the sink fixtures, and then the sink itself, starting at the top and working towards the drain.
  5. Clean the tub. With a new disinfectant wipe, wipe the faucets, showerhead and surface of the tub. Tubs tend to remain fairly clean, so you can do this quickly, without scrubbing or going over an area more than once.
  6. Clean the mirror and other glass. Grab a disinfectant wipe, and wipe down the mirror, with circular motions to avoid streaking. You can alternatively use a glass cleaner (I like to mix vinegar and water in equal parts, and pour it into a spray bottle) and a rag or paper towels. Clean any other bathroom glass (eg. shower door, window).
  7. Mop. You're almost done! Mop up the floors, focusing on high-traffic areas and by the toilet.
  8. Wrap-up. Throw the used disinfectant wipes, paper towels and other garbage into the trashcan sitting outside the bathroom. Replace the trashcan's bag, and put it back in the bathroom. Put away all cleaning supplies.
  9. Stop the timer! You're done! Hit the stop button, and mark down your time! You'll still have to transfer the washing machine linens to the dryer, and rehang the fabric shower curtain, but these small steps can be done quickly later on.