Eco Friendly

Organic Surface Wipes


Help clean up our planet

These environmentally-conscious, organic, biodegradable surface wipes are a testament to the fact that a 'green' product can be great too. Derived from natural, renewable and sustainable resources, these wipes are alcohol and ammonia free.

Made with wood fibers, Sandy's Eco Friendly surface wipes are compostable - toss them in the green bin when you're done with them, so they don't wind up in a landfill! All of these green benefits don't come at the cost of efficiency - these wipes are still usable on just about every surface in your home, and they kill 99% of household germs and bacteria!

Now also available in 45-count super packs!

Peel the adhesive label up from the bottom corner and pull a wipe out through the dispensing slit. Wipe comes moistened with cleaning ingredients.

For big jobs, we recommend folding the wipe over itself length-wise for two-ply thickness to ensure continued distribution of cleaning ingredients and to increase wipe strength.

Common surfaces: Wipe down appliances and countertops starting with the cleanest area and ending in the dirtiest. For stuck-on grease and food, circular motions with medium force will allow the cleaner to break up the mess.

Glass: Wipe in a circular fashion on mirrors/windows to ensure a streak-free shine.


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