Extra Strength

Multipurpose Surface Wipes


For when life gets messy

Let's face it: Life isn't always clean. Our extra strength multipurpose wipes are formulated to cut through all kinds of household filth, from kitchen grease to bathroom scum and everything in-between!

When we say 'multipurpose', we aren't kidding. Tested to be safe and effective on glass, wood, granite, ceramic & porcelain, marble, laminate, stainless steel & chrome, and more, you can use these literally anywhere in your home. Designed to be quick-drying and streak-free, these anti-bacterial surface wipes are designed to obliterate common bacteria and germs without leaving behind a sticky residue.

Now also available in 45-count super packs!

Peel the adhesive label up from the bottom corner and pull a wipe out through the dispensing slit. Wipe comes moistened with cleaning ingredients.

For big jobs, we recommend folding the wipe over itself length-wise for two-ply thickness to ensure continued distribution of cleaning ingredients and to increase wipe strength.

Common surfaces: Wipe down appliances and countertops starting with the cleanest area and ending in the dirtiest. For stuck-on grease and food, circular motions with medium force will allow the cleaner to break up the mess.

Glass: Wipe in a circular fashion on mirrors/windows to ensure a streak-free shine.


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