Soft Baby

Diaper Wet Wipes


The soft wipe they deserve

Babies don't often like baby wipes - they can be scratchy and irritating, and can leave them with rashes and itches. Your baby deserves better!

Sandy's Sensitive Skin wipes are alcohol-free, with added Aloe and Shea Butter to keep their skin moisturized, nourished and supple. Made to be fragrance-free, so that they're completely hypoallergenic, these thick, quilted wipes are pillow-soft and silk-smooth, with just the right amount of wetness. Not only that, they're flushable for your benefit!

After removing plastic fresh-seal wrap from wipes inside, push down on the plastic tab and the lid pops open automatically. Pull the first wipe through - future wipes will pull themselves through, tissue-box style.

Be sure to reseal the lid firmly (until you hear the snap) to ensure that the wipes don't get dried out.

Directions: After removing a soiled or wet diaper, rub with Soft Baby Wipes until cleansed. For baby girls, always wipe from front to back. If multiple wipes were used, flush each wipe individually to avoid clogging.


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