Welcome to SandyWipes.com. Our website, as well as our company, is built around the notion of privacy protection and respect. We have written this document to explain how we collect information and for what purpose, how we use said information, under what circumstances we disclose said information, and how to remove said information from our servers. We recommend reading this document in full before accessing our website or corresponding with us through the website or by email.

Last Modified: 25 April 2013

Another important document to read is our Terms of Use. Where the Privacy Statement governs our use of your data, the Terms of Use governs your use of the website.

This statement applies to user information we collect through this website (located at http://www.sandywipes.com/), as well as through email sent to any address under the sandywipes.com domain. It does not apply to any external websites linked to by Sandy Wipes. To tell if you are still using the Sandy Wipes website, and thus under the scope of this statement, look at your address bar to see if the URL begins with www.sandywipes.com or sandywipes.com.

We collect information through the following sources:

  1. Personal information requested through a web form (eg. your email address when signing up for our newsletter, your contact information when submitting a message through our customer support contact form).
  2. Personal information supplied to us directly by you (eg. the message body and return email when sending us email).
  3. Non-personal information supplied automatically (eg. browser and operating system information, time spent on website).

Personal information is said to be information that identifies you specifically, whereas non-personal information is information that cannot be used to identify you. Non-personal information is helpful only in aggregate, for statistical analysis purposes.

The personal information we collect is generally the minimum amount of information needed for the purpose specified. For our newsletter, we ask only for an email address. For contact forms, we ask only for return contact information and the contact message itself (we rely on the user to supply additional information that he/she believes we'd need in responding to their query, on a case-by-case basis, rather than ask all users for more elaborate information such as shipping information).

The non-personal information we collect is generated automatically from our web code, and is used to help improve user experience. You may choose to disable JavaScript if you do not feel comfortable with us receiving this information, however we rely on JavaScript for many of our interactive features such as navigation and promotions, and disabling it may limit your ability to access all features of the website.

Information submitted to Sandy Wipes through one of the methods detailed above is used to provide services requested by the user through its submission (for personal information), and to improve our website, services and company in general through statistical analysis (for non-personal information). These include:

  1. Using contact information to reply to a submitted inquiry, either through email or the web form located on our customer support page.
  2. Sending our newsletters to users who have specifically requested it, by signing up for it through a web form and explicitly confirming their request by clicking the confirmation link sent to their email address.
  3. Improving our website when statistical analysis shows the need; for example, if we detect that a large percentage of our web traffic is from mobile devices such as smartphones, we may modify the layout of the website to become more appropriate for devices with smaller screen sizes and resolutions.
  4. Protecting the security or integrity of our website and business by examining unlawful attempts to hack our website.

If compelled by a governmental agency under supervision of a court of law, we may disclose personal information to comply with US or International laws. Other than that, Sandy Wipes does not sell, rent or give your personal information to any third parties for any reason, with one exception: when signing up for promotions, we may license or share your information to certain third parties for their online (eg. e-mail marketing) marketing programs. To unsubscribe from marketing partners with whom we have shared your information, follow the unsubscribe instructions in the email. If you do not want your information to be shared, please do not participate in any promotions, or contact us to prevent us from sharing this information.

Ideas, suggestions, testimonials and other submissions become the property of Sandy Wipes upon their submission. This policy is outlined in more depth in our Terms of Use as it deals with your conduct through our website, but in summary, any content submitted to Sandy Wipes becomes intellectual property of Sandy Wipes and can be used as Sandy Wipes sees fit, without financial compensation or other credit given to the submitter. Obviously, personal information is not considered a submission. Examples of submissions for which this policy applies include product improvement suggestions, verbal praise for the product, any artwork such as a drawing of Sandy Wipes' products, etc. If you wish to retain the rights to your idea, do not submit it.

Generally, any information collected by Sandy Wipes is kept on our servers until it is no longer needed. If you wish for us to scrub your personal information, contact us through our customer support page with the details of what information you would like removed, and we will delete requested information within 48 hours. Note that this policy does not apply to submissions, detailed directly above.

If you wish to unsubscribe to our newsletter, you may do so using this method, and you may also do so by emailing remove@sandywipes.com with UNSUBSCRIBE in the 'subject' line. You may also click the 'unsubscribe' link at the top of all newsletter issues. Please allow 48 hours to process your removal request.

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Statement, please contact us through our customer support page.


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