Should You Get an Air Fryer?

airfryer why

I’ll be talking to you about an air fryer An air fryer uses hot air circulating around with foods to cook them and you’re able to get the same crispy texture and same great taste without any of the oil When using your air fryer it’s important to make sure that all of your food has plenty of space That lets all of the hot air circulate around it so it’s able to get crispy And if you’re making something like french fries that can kind of get stuck together make sure that halfway through you pull out your basket, and give it a good shake to make sure that everything is moving around Occasionally with an air fryer you can end up with white billowing smoke coming out of it.

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That just means that there’s too much oil in your frying basket. So to fix that problem you can take out your fry basket even while it’s cooking Take out the actual basket itself and set that aside on a plate so that the oils can drip off Take some paper towel And then go into your actual cooking unit and wipe up any of the oils that might be down there Another good tip on avoiding this problem altogether is not adding any oils to the foods you’re cooking or adding a very small amount just like a little spray or half a teaspoon.

And then also choosing foods that are low fat to begin with In this article I’m also going to be showing you a great recipe for chicken parmesan in the airfryer So the first thing you’re going to do is take a large chicken breast and cut it into two equal pieces about four ounces each. And the next is to pat it dry with a paper towel This is an important step in the air fryer because the less moisture the better and crispier your foods will turn out Next we’re going to take a little bit of oil just a smidge and toast it on top of our chicken This helps give it up the same flavor without adding too much oil to the air fryer basket.

So flip them over and spread it around there, too Go ahead and add three tablespoons of whole grain bread crumbs and one tablespoon of Parmesan cheese Mix them up, and this is going to be the coating of our chicken All right, and so then we can go ahead and put our chicken in there Give it a good coating on both sides I like to have a little bit on there and make sure you give through your edges, too We’re now ready to go ahead and cook our chicken So make sure that you’ve preheated your air fryer if you don’t then your food won’t be crispy so in that case go ahead and add on four extra minutes of cook time so then we’re going to open it up and place them in with plenty of room around them And then we’re going to go ahead and cook these twelve minutes With three minutes left on the cook time we’re going to go ahead and open up our basket and flip our chicken over This helps it get crispy on both sides and also nice for us because we’re making chicken parm.

So we’re going to add on a little bit of our sauce and cheese So taking 1/2 of 3 tablespoons of any type of marinara sauce you like go ahead and just put it right on your chicken Now I can go ahead and add our cheese, I’m using 2% mozzarella and it’s 1 tablespoon for each chicken breast And there’s our beautiful chicken parm fresh out of the airfryer!

Treating Diaper Rash in India

treating diaper rash

Whether or not you call it nappy rash or diaper rash, they may be, both the same factor and it affects one in three infants on this article. I will instruct you the whole thing, you have got to comprehend to do away with it.

So, what does that nappy? Rash? Appear like! Good, mainly talking, the epidermis around the nappy subject can also be red, infected sizzling, to contact spotty and even blisters can type if the rash is rather chronic.

Now, on the whole, the rash is what we call well-defined. So it can be easy to look the place it starts for the place it stops.

Now, if you are still a little bit harassed as to what nappy rash is and what it appears like, I’ve left extra information in the description below, and I have additionally left some particularly useful links, which have bought a lot of portraits which should help you.

Now there are a number of causes for nappy rash, one in every of which is human waste products. If the nappies aren’t transformed for a even as, it may begin to become ammonia, which will really irritate the epidermis. Fungal infections may also occur because of the dampness underneath the nappy, which is able to also possibly result in a bacterial infection. If the stipulations are proper now, please observe how I said the stipulations ought to be proper.

So, if we’re in a position to avert these stipulations and different matters, it would potentially leave your little one nappy rash free, which is what all people’s wishes. So, let’s move on to them!

Additionally, if you’re watching this in the India, you maybe somewhat careworn as to what nappies are nappies are the term that we use within the India amazon and it is what you guys name diapers tip number one is certain to vary, wet and dirty nappies instantaneously, do not wait, which leads me on to tip number two easy the nappy subject fully and gently both use water or use alcohol and fragrance-free wipes wiping from entrance to back now I’m going to also depart a hyperlink in the description below which has a lot of priceless understanding.

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On this tip, three lie your child on a smooth towel and leave their nappy off for as long and as probably as you can. This may occasionally let more fresh air to get to the epidermis tip 4. Now, if the nappy rash isn’t upsetting your little one at each and every nappy trade, that you may additionally practice a small, skinny layer of barrier cream or ointment, which is going to avert the dermis from becoming more irritated.

Now, there may be various exceptional components in these barrier, creams and ointments – that your pharmacist can propose you on some of the parts. They containers are zinc, oxide, dexpanthenol and titanium dioxide tip quantity five.

What I wouldn’t advise is individuals utilizing powders to hold the nappy subject dry. These can virtually irritate the dermis, and your youngster might even breathe it into its lungs tip. Number six tubs your little one day-to-day and stick with that limit. Don’t do it twice a day or more in general than that, on the grounds that it may possibly in reality dry out the dermis and when it comes to drying the epidermis, pat them most often, do not rub vigorously with a towel.

Now, nappy rash traditionally clears up within three days of following these guidelines, which is great news, but when your baby is affected by agony considering that of the nappy rash, then search advice out of your pharmacist or a different wellbeing care reliable. Now your general practitioner may endorse you to make use of a steroid cream, antifungal cream like clotrimazole miconazole or a blend cream which involves them both now, in case your child is prescribed a steroid cream, let’s assume hydrocortisone, for illustration, please bear in mind it can be used to deal with infection, nevertheless it’s no longer intended for use for long periods, it is generally the highest of seven days unless you are instructed or else via a surgeon.

Please use it as it is been prescribed and likewise keep in mind to go away at least quarter-hour before you follow the barrier cream or ointment steroid lotions. Should also be used very thinly, so I’ll go away more understanding within the description beneath on virtually how little you must be utilizing now, unlike steroid creams, antifungal lotions will have to be used for seven to 14 days after the contamination has fully gone.

This is to preclude the fungal infection from coming. Back now. Do not forget, don’t use a barrier cream while unless the infection is fully long gone, you are not utilising it, then you should use it should you have got to and as continually with all remedy, invariably read the understanding leaflet and check with the pharmacist. It is suitable and trustworthy to use in your baby.

Now, it is quite ordinary for toddlers to increase a rash, but it’s also essential that you’re mindful when to search clinical awareness. So I will depart a fairly valuable hyperlink in the description under.

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what to pack for babies in hospitals

Meeting a new addition to the family is definitely exciting, but before heading out to the hospital it is important to bring a full packed hospital bag. Going into labor is definitely not an easy thing that is why expecting mothers can give birth comfortably and lessen the hassle and stress if both she and their baby’s things are properly prepared ahead of time.

It is important to pack your hospital bag a few weeks before your due date to avoid forgetting the essentials for you baby. It is advised to also check with the hospital on what you are allowed to bring especially if you want to make your area more personal such as by bringing your own pillows for example. It is advisable to have your hospital bag ready between 32 to 35 weeks of pregnancy

To help you prepare during labor, birth and even postpartum, here are a few suggestions on what to pack in a hospital bag for baby.

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Newborn Cloth Diapers

Start making a conscious effort in saving the environment with your newborn with this reusable cloth diapers. Available in different fun and cute patterns, these cloth diapers are soft, breathable and waterproof.

It has a leakage prevention system and is made from BPA free, polyester product. The hook and loop closure are adjustable and secure. These cloth diapers will surely save you from spending money buying different sized diapers every time your newborn grows out of their current size.

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Baby Wet Wipes

Another must-have in your hospital bag is a reliable unscented baby wet wipe. These wipes are pearl grained and non-woven. It does not contain any fragrance, pigments and alcohol. It has a low pH level making it safe to use for your baby’s skin.

Compared to tissues and hand towels, wet wipes are much gentler to the baby’s skin. It can be used for easy handwashing and instant cleaning.

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Newborn washcloth

What makes newborn washcloth different from a normal washcloth is that they are made much softer and sometimes a lot thicker. It is safe to use in wiping your newborn baby’s face and body making a quick bath time easier.

Its small and compact size is suitable for reaching small creases and folds of your child’s body. These l,lkkwashcloths are made from 1l00% cotton and do not have any rough and scratchy surface.

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Hooded Baby Bath Towel

Hooded towels are recently becoming a must have. Babies can feel super comfy while drying off. The hooded part makes it easier for their hair dry more quickly. It is made from 100% cotton material which makes it durable and super absorbent.

This towel can also be used as a receiving cloth after giving birth or act as another layer of comforting blanket to keep your baby warm. Hooded towels can also back up as a swaddle in case you forgot to bring one.

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Newborn Feeding Bottle

Not all mother and babies can become comfortable with direct breastfeeding right away. Bringing an emergency feeding bottle can come in handy. Mothers can pump their milk first and transfer it to these feeding bottles if they cannot get the hang of breastfeeding yet.

It is also a good start for practice especially if you are going to introduce you baby to formula milk. It is safe and easy to clean and suitable for newborns.

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Baby Car Seat

Upon leaving the hospital, the baby should be put on a car seat or a baby carrier to give temporary and partial relief to the mother who recently gave birth.

Studies show that a properly installed car seat deceases the risk of fatal injury by 71% for infants. It is proven to provide lifesaving and injury-reducing benefits to child passengers. This baby car seat can also be transformed into a reliable baby carrier and stroller making it the perfect tool for a stress-free travel with your baby. This may not fit your bag but it is surely important to bring one.

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Portable Milk Powder Formula Dispenser

This carefully designed formula dispenser has a revolving cover. It has a good seal which ensures that the content will not spill on your bags. It has a detachable compartment that lets you store the milk powder in 3 portions.

Aside from milk powder, this dispenser can be used to store fruits bites and other snacks that parents may need during their hospital stay. It is available in pink, blue and yellow colors.

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It is always better to come into the hospital well prepared with what your baby needs as soon as he or she enters the world. But aside from these baby needs, parents especially moms should come in prepared too. A list of other important things is listed below:

  • Insurance, birthing plans and other paper works: Having a printed copy of these important document makes it easier for doctors and other medical staff give you the services that you and your baby needs. Other important documents such as medical records, id and insurance are usually one of the first few things that will be asked from you.
  • Robe: After giving birth, a soft bathrobe can make newly birthed mothers feel calm and more at ease. It also makes pacing around the hospital more comfortable.
  • Nursing Bra: Bringing 2 or 3 nursing bras is okay especially if you are planning to breast feed your child.
  • Toiletries: Bringing travel sized shampoo, deodorant, lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste will make you feel fresh before and after giving birth.
  • Books and gadgets: Waiting for your baby may sometimes take a few more hours than expected. A gadget or a good book to read will make the waiting time more bearable for both you and your partner.
  • Snacks and Water: Hospital food may not be available all the time and it might not suit your palate too. Labor may also take some time too. It is good to bring your favorite comfort snack will help you feel at ease after giving birth. You might want to check with your doctor if you are allowed to eat or drink anything while in labor.

Getting Ready for your Baby’s Arrival

It may get a little overwhelming to think and choose which items to bring from your baby shower is essential during the trip to the hospital or birth center. This hospital checklist covers almost anything that you need to bring in your hospital for you and your baby.

Preparing for these things help parents avoid scrambling around the house and risk forgetting important items for hospital needs. It maybe a good idea to also leave a few spaces in your bags just in case you need to bring home anything from the hospital.

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Best Eco Friendly Gifts on Amazon

eco friendly gifts

Every day, our lifestyles impact the planet in negative ways. From the excessive amounts of trash we produce to the contaminants the things we use release into the air, we’re slowly killing Mother Earth and ruining it for future generations. Plus, we’re wasting tons of money by being wasteful. If you’ve been wondering how you can become more eco-friendly and help keep the world from becoming uninhabitable, here are 10 things you can do and buy to make your home a HOME SWEET HOME!

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Best Eco Friendly Gifts on Amazon

eco friendly products

#1 – Bamboo Utensils

Instead of carrying around silverware there are these which are super cute they’re more sustainable they come in a little package. We never have to use plastic utensils, these are not Eco friendly.  We always have these with me and they come just wrapped in like a little rubber band fork knife and spoon.

Price: $11.90


#2 – Xero Shoes

These amazing shoes can be wore on a daily basis. They have multiple different styles this one is called the Z Trek and they are so compact they’re super easy to travel. If you were traveling on an airplane and you were wearing sneakers you could just easily fit these in any bag. Easy Peasy!

This eco friendly product is great for anybody that you know who wants to get more grounded get more in touch with nature feel the ground beneath their feet.

Price: $64.99


#3 – Bamboo Toothbrush

We love the brand Mable.

This is a great gift idea for anybody to ditch a plastic toothbrush for anybody who’s interested in again impacting the environment in a positive manner and the fact they’re biodegradable 100%.

They teach the youth in the schools about how to utilize and like feel empowered with their power to change things in the world and they talk about sustainability and eco-friendly materials obviously their toothbrushes fit into that category and they’re just a really cool company company in general that I support 100%

Price: $12.00


#4 – Hydro Flask

There are multiple different brands of these this is just the one that we picked up pretty recently actually but ever since this can be used on a daily basis.

There is a step up from what I was using right before it which was mason jar to keep my water and lemon juice water in every single day. It doesn’t have any dents even if you start dropping on the floor a number of times. Indeed very hardy.

This is a really smart gift idea because it’s useful people can use this on a day-to-day basis to stay hydrated and to bring tea with them instead of needing to use like a Styrofoam cup or some sort of other disposable cup this is reusable again eco-friendly.

Price: $34.95


#5 – Coloring Book

Stress relieving special coloring book –  it’s like one page to color in and then the other page right next to it is an inspiring quote or a self-care activity.

This is a something that you don’t have to use by yourself or the person who you gift it to doesn’t have to use it by themselves you can rip out pages or you can get two of them and you can color with a friend or a family member.

Price: $4.72


#6 – Start your Mini Garden

When you grow your own food, it greatly reduces your carbon footprint. You can grow your own vegetables and fruits in a backyard garden, or if you share space, start a community garden with your neighbours where everyone pitches in.

Plus, herbs can be expensive. You can grow your own fresh herbs right in your own kitchen using very little space. You’ll save the planet and you’ll have fresher, better-tasting produce for much less!


If you not sure how, you can purchase a book where it guides you Step by Step on maintaining a sustainable supply of herbs and vegetables.



#7 – Make the most of Compost

While it’s best to try to use all of the food you have, there will always be scraps from vegetables and fruits. Those peels are pure gold for your lawn and garden.

Accompany with Peat, we are pretty sure your small plantation will bloom.



#8 – Reusable Water Bottles

They might be more convenient, but plastic lasts forever. And if you don’t recycle it, you’re only making it worse. Invest in a water filter and BPA-free reusable bottles instead. You’ll save more money while saving the world!







#9 – Low Flow Shower Head

If you’ve ever gasped at the sight of your water bill, then this eco-friendly tip will be your favourite. Change your shower head to a low-flow model. By doing so, you’ll waste half as much water and get a lower water bill in return!




#10 –  Reusable Bags

Those plastic bags from the supermarket and other places you shop are clogging up our landfills at an alarming rate. They kill and maim sea life when they float away into the environment too. You’ll help the stores you shop at to keep costs down and help our planet from slowly choking to death by using reusable cloth or canvas bags.

If you’re crafty, you can make your own out of old t-shirts. But if not, you can also purchase them or even reuse ones you’ve received for gifts. Your trusty beach bag or an old backpack are other great options for ending the use of plastic bags.



Buying Eco Friendly Products

Above are the details about them why we really love them and why they are great gifts to give for a holiday season or for a birthday. They are super useful these are things like I said that I use on a day-to-day basis and they aren’t just like decorations or clothing items. Spare a thought for our Mother Earth

Do you have an eco-friendly habit that you use? Let us know!

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Everything an Air Purifier Can and Can’t Do

air purifier review

The kind of purifier we’re
talking about here today is called a HEPA purifier. That stands for High
Efficiency Particulate Air, or High Efficiency Particle Arrestance. They are fundamentally simple machines. They consist of a fan,
and then a dense filter, and when air is drawn through
that filter by the fan, virtually all the particles in
the air are rapidly captured.

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However, air purifiers
can’t purify everything. And so we’re just gonna go through today the things that they can
do, the things they can’t do and stuff that you can do to maybe address those other things. (jazzy music) All right. Smog, this is a yes, but. Smog is a really complex
mix of substances. Certainly it contains a lot
of soot and other particles. A HEPA filter is very,
very good at getting those out of the air. But smog also contains a lot
of volatile organic compounds, essentially, chemicals
that have been evaporated into the air, and a HEPA
purifier is not good at removing those. Essentially, those molecules are too small to be captured physically by the filter, to really make a meaningful difference. Pollen, this is a clear yes.

Pollen grains are typically
around 10 microns in size, or larger. HEPA filters easily capture
particles of that size. They are tested on
particles of 0.3 microns, so 30 times smaller. And they really have no trouble at all. The one thing is, the pollen
will settle on surfaces. If you really want to
get rid of all of it, you’ll need to mop or
dust, or ideally do both of those things. Dust, this is also a yes. Dust, like pollen, tends to be
of such a large particle size that HEPA filters are
easily able to capture it. The same caveat applies, though, dust will also settle on surfaces. If it’s there, it’s not going
through the air purifier so you’ll need to get rid of
it by mopping and dusting. Paint fumes, this is a no.

HEPA purifiers, again, are
really designed just to remove particles from the air. And when you’re talking about
volatile organic compounds, odors, those are molecules
that have evaporated into the air. They’re too small for the physical filter in a HEPA purifier to capture them. Wildfire smoke, this is a real yes, but. The answer for the smoke
particles is absolutely yes. Smoke particles fall right in the range that HEPA purifiers
remove very efficiently, and so they can do a
really, really good job of getting smoke out of your home. This said, wildfire
smoke also does contain volatile organic compounds, chemicals that are coming
from burning trees, burning wood, burning road surfaces, and HEPA purifiers are not very good at getting those out of the air. Between the choice of
having a HEPA purifier and not having one
during a wildfire smoke, it will make a huge difference
in your quality of life.

Marijuana smoke and cigarette smoke. Also yes, but. Again, smoke particles,
right in the size of particle that HEPA filters are excellent
at getting out of the air. Course, both of these things
do produce odors, VOCs, which purifiers, HEPA
purifiers are not great at. And also, the smoke gets into furniture, gets into carpets and so
any time you move around, you’re gonna be kicking up
more of those particles, and you may well breathe them in before they get into your purifier.

Ah, viruses, this is another no. Viruses are generally
too small to be captured by HEPA filters. A lot of purifiers do contain a UV bulb that’s designed anyway to kill pathogens that are in your air. We are unable to test for that, but if it’s something
you’re concerned about, it is an option. So this is our drawing of
pet odors, this is a no. Again, similar to other things, odors are basically small molecules that are floating around in your air, and they’re too small for a
HEPA filter to get rid of ’em. Pet hair and pet dander in
general, that is a yes, but, as many of these are. Any pet hair and pet dander
that’s floating around in your air, a HEPA purifier will
very easily remove that. I mean, relatively speaking,
those things are huge particles and these’ll have no
trouble at getting them out.

The thing is, a lot of pet hair and dander is simply too big to
float around in the air for very long in the first place. So again, it’s a situation
where your best bet is not an air purifier, it’s
just regularly vacuuming, mopping, sweeping. Mold, this is a yes. Mold spores are generally much larger than the 0.3 micron minimum
that HEPA filters are tested at. They are small enough
to be floating around in your air, however, and a HEPA purifier does an excellent job of removing them. If you’re thinking about
getting an air purifier, first think about the specific problem you’re trying to address. I think the main takeaway
is that you can see that yes, and yes, but really kind of dominate, but if you have a problem with
volatile organic compounds, with odors, that’s when
you need to look for a machine that can do a bit more. How many air purifiers do I use? I’ve three going in my house right now.

Earlier this year, I shut one
of them off for a few days. In fact, the next three or for days I’m just sneezing and sneezing
and really had no idea why. I’d become so used to having
purified air in my home.